Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge – Emojis🤩

Can you guess the movie?

Let me know your guess in the comments!😆

Level 1:

👗👑 🦁



Level 2:




Level 3:



👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👶            👶             👧-👧🏕

9 thoughts on “Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge – Emojis🤩

  1. level 1
    1 beuty and the best
    2 the three blind mice
    3 cat in the hat
    level 2
    1hotel transelvania
    2 the little mermaid
    3 the lion king
    level 3
    1 nancy drew
    2 harry potter
    3 the parent trap

  2. Level 1:
    Beaty and the Beast
    Three blind mice
    Cat in the Hat

    Level 2:
    Hotel Transylvania
    The little mermaid
    Lion king

    Level 3:
    Nancy Drew
    Harry Potter
    The Parent Trap

  3. Hello!
    What a fantastic challenge. I love your combination of emojis to represent different book/movies.

    My favorite is the 3 Blind Mice. Did it take a you a long time to create them?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs. Doran
    #STUBC commenter
    Cave Creek, Arizona

  4. beauty and the beast

    3 blind mice

    cat in the hat

    Hotel Transylvania

    little mermaid

    lion king

    nancy drew

    harry potter

    parent trap

  5. Hello Lainie,

    I really liked the activity that you did for this weeks challenge! This is my second challenge and I’ve done something similar in the past. You can check it out below. As for my answers;

    Lvl 1: Beauty and the Beast, Three Blind Mice, Cat in the Hat

    Lvl 2: Hotel Transylvania, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King

    Lvl 3: Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, The Parent Trap

    Thanks again,
    – Ciara ( http://www.blog44.ca/ciaraw/ )

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